Spotting the Hale-Bopp comet

Bibi Smith been a Marie Curie Nurse for 24 years. She recalls helping a patient acheive something he'd always wanted to do at the end of his life.

"I’ve been working as a Marie Curie Nurse for the last 23 years and it’s a job I really love. We are not just there to support the person, but their loved ones as well.

"Being there overnight gives the carers and families an opportunity to get a good night’s sleep and it means they can really enjoy their time together during the day."

Marie Curie Nurse, Bibi

Comet spotting together

"One night, I was looking after a gentleman who’d been a keen astronomer all his life. It was 20 years ago, when the Hale-Bopp comet was very visible.

"In order to see it, he had to walk the short distance from his bedroom to the kitchen window. I supported him in doing that and when he got to the kitchen window and looked to the sky, he had an amazing look on his face because he felt that he’d achieved something that he wanted in his lifetime.

"To help him do that was a great experience that I’ll always remember."

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