Celebrating 30 years of the Great Daffodil Appeal

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Great Daffodil Appeal. Two of our supporters in Scotland, Annie and Sybil, have supported collections every year for 22 years. Will you join them and help make this year’s appeal the greatest yet?

Annie and Sybil first began collecting for the Great Daffodil Appeal back in 1993, after Annie lost her husband to cancer. Marcos, Annie’s husband of 17 years, fell ill with bone cancer in 1988. Annie cared for him at home, helped by her good friend Sybil and a team of Marie Curie Nurses.

Happy memories

“I have very happy memories of that time because everybody was so nice,” says Annie. “A nurse came in every evening to sit with Marcos overnight, and one would always come on Thursdays so Sybil and I could do our weekly shop.”

The support of Marie Curie Nurse meant Annie’s husband was able to die in his own home. “One of the Marie Curie Nurses was with him the morning he died. He wanted to die at home and he got his wish,” says Annie.

The kindness of strangers

The following spring, Annie and Sybil did their first collection for the Great Daffodil Appeal. They’ve been getting behind the daffodil ever since.

“When we do collections, people will cross the road to give us money. Even the schoolchildren are generous.

People appreciate that we’re standing out in the street. I remember one woman thought we must be cold so she gave us some hand warmers to put in our gloves,” says Annie.

Giving something back

Annie and Sybil are now both in their late 80s, so spend less time collecting on the streets. But they are still a very important part of the fundraising effort, providing refreshments during collections in the church hall.

“We like to give the collectors a hot cup of tea when they come in from the cold,” says Annie. I’ll always support the Great Daffodil Appeal because I appreciate all that time the Marie Curie Nurses spent with me.”

For both Annie and Sybil, it’s about giving something back. “I enjoy meeting people who are happy to give to help other people,” says Sybil. “It’s about spreading goodwill.”

Find out how you can get involved and help celebrate 30 years of the Great Daffodil Appeal