If Bake Off's given you the baking bug, why not sign up to host a tea party?

Have you, like us, been watching as Mary and Paul unscrupulously judge the soggy bottom-ness of cakes, the wobble of crème brûlées and the break of biscuits?

Our personal highlights have to be Paul’s lion head made from bread – just incredible. And I’m sure you enjoyed Sandy’s demonstrations of just how much wobble each of her bakes had to have – some great hip movements there!

But our hearts did go out to poor Dorret when her chocolate mousse melted all down the side of her tin, making her Black Forest gateaux look rather like a chocolate puddle. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Blooming great memories

And all this baking action has been bringing back fond memories of a summer of tea and baking fun from the Blooming Great Tea Party.

Thousands of people took on their own signature bakes and had their own technical challenges. And, from some of the photos we’ve seen, there were some incredible show stoppers – move over Great British Bake Off contestants, our tea party hosts can certainly give you a run for your money!

Not only have their efforts looked great but so far they’ve helped raise an incredible £520,000 for this year’s Blooming Great Tea Party. Money that will help us care for even more people living with a terminal illness, and their families.

Seeing the culinary creations on the much-loved BBC programme each week is making us excited for next year’s Blooming Great Tea Party already. If you feel the same then why not sign up now for next year’s tea and baking extravaganza. That way you have plenty of time to practice your bakes and maybe even take inspiration from the remaining hopefuls Alvin, Flora, Ian, Mat, Nadiya, Paul, Tamal and Ugne.

Sign up today and happy baking!