Collect with a little help from your friends

Three girls collecting for Marie Curie's Great Daffodil Appeal
Collecting in a group is double the fun

Marie Curie’s month-long fundraising extravaganza – the Great Daffodil Appeal – starts very soon.

If you haven’t yet signed up to collect, then there’s still time. If you’ve already signed up to collect, why not ask your family, friends, colleagues or community group to sign up too and join you on the day? Just a small amount of your time will help our nurses care for more terminally ill people in their own homes.

We asked some of our collectors how they got others involved and why fundraising is more fun in a group.

Relative values

Roger Smith, from Cornwall, has been collecting with his wife Gloria for the last six years. “We have always collected together,” says Roger. “We like to have some banter with people, have a laugh and a joke, the people we are collecting from enjoy it and we are happy to do it. The most important thing is being out and meeting people, it has really helped us feel closer to our local community.”

Fantastic friends

Maria Lyons, who organises collections in central Cardiff, has encouraged lots of friends to collect. “I went through my friends list on Facebook and sent them a text asking them to get involved,” she says. “The response was brilliant. There are quite a few people I used to work with and quite a few friends, who like to take a couple of hours off from the kids and do a collection.”

Team-building triumph

Joyce Gray-McDonald, who works for energy company SSE in Perth, used an employee volunteering day to collect for Marie Curie, with three of her colleagues.

“We decided to collect for a full day in M&S,” says Joyce. “It was fun and a good team-building exercise – and we raised between £1,300 and £1,400. I would encourage companies to offer their staff volunteer days, so they can give back to the community.”

Become a collector for the Great Daffodil Appeal this March. All you have to do is sign up here.