Five tips for a fantastic Great Daffodil Appeal collection

Registered to collect for Marie Curie’s Great Daffodil Appeal 2014? It’s time to prepare for your big day. We asked some of our collectors from last year for their best tips on how to attract attention and donations. (If you haven’t signed up to help yet, there’s still time to register. Just an hour or so of your time will make a difference to terminally ill people across the UK.)

1. Collect together

Collecting with friends or family can be double the fun and raise more money. Roger Smith has collected for the Great Daffodil Appeal in Cornwall with his wife Gloria for the past six years: “We like to have some banter with people, have a laugh and a joke. The people we are collecting from enjoy it and we are happy to do it.” 

2. Pick the perfect position

It’s well worth taking a few minutes to find a busy spot where people will have cash to hand. Success is about making yourself visible without getting in people’s way. Peter Buckle of Kenilworth found collecting outside a greengrocer reaped rewards. “Try to stand outside a shop that has cash transactions,” he suggests. 

3. Get noticed

Wearing your bright yellow tabard and hat, you’re bound to stand out. And there are lots more creative ways to boost your visibility even further. Angela Mercer of Hulme says: “I decided it would be fun to dye my hair yellow. I think it helped a lot with my collection – I really stood out!” 

4. Be easy to approach

Our collectors are respectful of passers-by, but also know how to draw them in. Make eye contact and smile, our collectors say. Roger says: “It’s far more difficult for people to just walk past if you have made eye contact with them.” 

5. Remember why you’re collecting!

Boost your energy and put a spring in your step by reminding yourself that every £20 you collect pays for a Marie Curie Nurse to look after someone with a terminal illness in their own home. Lisa Smitheram of Falmouth says: “It really makes you feel good. I haven’t got lots of money to send to charities and that’s why I give my time.” We've Storified more top tips and if you've got more good ideas,  please share them in the comments below.