Linda’s ‘gorgeous’ outlook on life, despite terminal illness

Terminally ill mum, Linda, married her partner, Robert, in May. The song from their first dance, Gorgeous, has been released as a charity single for Marie Curie. This is her story.

“I know I have a terminal illness, but I’m not dying yet”

Linda was diagnosed with ovarian cancer two years ago and learned before Christmas that it had spread to her bowel and liver. “I’ve been told I will likely have 10 months to live,” says Linda, who is a mum and grandma as well as a recent newlywed. “I’m not spending a single minute on self-pity. All my energies are going into making memories for my children and grandchildren.”

A little advice

Linda is also determined to send a positive message to others facing the same situation: “I hope by speaking out that more people will talk to their family and friends about how they want to die, and get the most out of life in the meantime. You need to take the information in.”

“I think the initial reaction is to totally give up and melt down, but use the support of Marie Curie and your doctor. Accept that some days you have down days, prepare for those, but my good days are brilliant days! Tell people you love them.”

What the song means to me

Linda and her husband Robert were married in the spring of 2017, celebrating the occasion in style. “I’m a party animal and plan to live my life to the full,” says Linda. “I married Robert in May, and we followed the wedding with a huge party with 170 guests. The first dance is one of the biggest decisions a married couple has to make and our song had the right meaning for both of us. 

“I struggle not to shed a tear at the line ‘I know the feeling of losing you, nothing could be worse’. Then there’s an uplifting, emotional crescendo that I relate to – ‘Share this life with me, be the air that I breathe. Love will set us free, it’s all we need.’”

“I want to get this charity single out to as many people as possible.”

Linda’s legacy

Lyricist and family friend, Chris Onslow, adds: “Linda is such a special person with an amazing outlook on how she wants to spend the time she has left. ‘Gorgeous’ is her song now and her legacy. I want to raise a million for her and every time it’s played on the radio or as a first dance at a couple’s wedding, it’s a victory for her.”

‘Gorgeous’ by The Big Secret Sound is available to download now with 50% of profits going to Marie Curie.