Marie Curie Nurses helped Aaron keep smiling until the end

Aaron Taylor with his family
Aaron Taylor with his family

With our Great Daffodil Appeal less than a month away, now’s the perfect time to sign up to collect. The money you raise will help Marie Curie Nurses give free, hands-on care to people with a terminal illness, in their own homes, surrounded by their loved ones. 

Deborah Taylor describes just how important this was when her son Aaron was terminally ill. Aaron had developed a pain in his back just after Christmas 2011, which he expected to be something fairly minor. A scan showed something much more devastating: a rare form of kidney cancer.

“I am so grateful to the help we received from Marie Curie when my son, Aaron, was diagnosed with a rare kidney cancer, aged only 22 years, on 3 February 2012. It was a very short illness as he passed away on 4 May, exactly 12 weeks later.

“He was a strong, fit lad who was in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers in the armed forces and had been since he left school at 16. He was getting ready to go off to Afghanistan in the April.

“Although he was in the forces, he was a very homely person and he just wanted to be at home, so I was determined that was how it had to be.

Bringing Aaron home

“In this time we had lots of help from Marie Curie. It meant everything to me, to have him home. We could be with him all the time. We got to tell him every day how much we loved him.

“I couldn't have wished for such lovely girls who helped me, as his mum, get through the final 24 hours of his life. Your child dies and then all of a sudden they’re just gone. You go to pieces. You get such a personal touch with Marie Curie Nurses.

“They were also there for the rest of the family, for which we are all so grateful, as we couldn't have got through this heart-breaking time without them.

“Aaron was such a positive person and was still smiling, even on the day he died. He made us promise that we would not give up, just because he was no longer with us. It has been a hard promise to keep, but we are trying. I cannot thank you enough for your support at this awful time.”

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