“Our Marie Curie Shop is full of activity so every day brings something different”

During Volunteers’ Week we are celebrating the work of our amazing volunteers. Our shop volunteers  across the country donate their time, enthusiasm and skills to raise vital funds for Marie Curie and we appreciate their support so much. by Emma Thompson Marie Curie Shop volunteer Emma Thompson, Marie Curie Shop volunteer

I have a condition that limits my ability to work. But rather than sit at home I decided to get out, do something and meet people. Being a shop volunteer lets me do all this. My condition restricts my movement, which can be a challenge. But my manager always allows me breaks and chances to sit which means I can continue to volunteer rather than give up entirely.
I had worked in retail previously and volunteering in a Marie Curie Shop has helped me keep up to date. I chose Marie Curie as I know people who have volunteered for the charity before and have always found the shop to be a very pleasant place. Our Marie Curie Shop is full of activity so every day brings something different. Depending on the day or even the time of day I could be preparing stock, talking to customers or dressing the shop. Marie Curie is very open to allowing volunteers to develop and improve the way things work in the shop as well as our different skills. The thing I enjoy most about volunteering is getting out and meeting people. There is always a fun environment and though the work is hard at times it is interesting and fulfilling. As I like to say, “It’s a good day’s craic!” Overall, volunteering has been really good for me. I am now more outgoing and willing to be on the shop floor and greet customers. I’m also aware now of the work that Marie Curie does and why shops like ours are so important. Read more about Marie Curie Shops and find volunteering opportunities in your area