Dear friend, my mum has terminal cancer

When a friend or one of their loved ones is diagnosed with a terminal illness, we naturally want to help but are often unsure what to say or do.

We posted a link on our Facebook page to a thought-provoking open letter   from 21-year-old Naomi Barrow. Naomi’s mother – who worked for Marie Curie throughout her career – has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and the letter offers advice to her friends about things they can do to help her.

As Naomi points out, communication is so important – sometimes a bit of a chat is just what your friend needs. Naomi's letter is full of great tips and our website also includes a range of practical advice on talking to a family member or friend with a terminal illness. You can also find information to help you support a friend or relative who is grieving.

And if you are living with a terminal illness, or know someone who is, the Marie Curie Community   is a place where you can talk about how you feel and find support and advice you can trust, with people who understand.

We had a huge reaction to Naomi’s letter on our Facebook page and we’ve gathered a selection of the many comments we received below.