The Marie Curie Hospice, Newcastle is a ‘Happy’ place

by Helen Forrow Hospice Manager One of the most common things I hear people say when they visit us is, “I was totally wrong about hospices.” Perhaps understandably, people have the idea that hospices are sad, gloomy places when, in fact, the opposite is true. The Marie Curie Hospice, Newcastle is full of life. All our staff and volunteers are committed to giving patients living with terminal illnesses the opportunity to live their lives as richly as possible. There’s always something going on at the hospice, from complementary therapies such as reiki and aromatherapy to quizzes and pampering services. We also run innovative programmes such as the Daffodil Project, where 10 to 11-year-old primary school children visit patients at the hospice while learning about sensitive topics around death and dying. We recently created our own tribute to Pharrell Williams’ Happy and we hope it goes some way to further dispel misconceptions people have about hospices. The video features staff, volunteers and some of our day patients and guests. And my dog, Ollie. We had a ball making it and I hope you enjoy it too. If you've been inspired by our Happy crew and would like to make a contribution, please text HAPP543 to 70070 to donate £3 to the Marie Curie Hospice, Newcastle. You can also donate via the hospice page on JustGiving.