Three reasons why the Great Daffodil Appeal is so important

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The Great Daffodil Appeal, our biggest fundraising campaign, is fast approaching and we need as many people as possible to sign up to collect during March. Last year, our collectors helped raise a record-breaking £8.26 million, paying for 413,000 hours of nursing care.

The money raised through the appeal helps us care for and support people with any terminal illness, and their families. Here are three ways the money you raise helps:

1. Taking away the fear

Our nurses work night and day, caring for people living with a terminal illness in their own homes. This free, hands-on care makes it possible for people to spend their final days surrounded by the people and memories that mean the most to them. When Florrie was diagnosed with leukaemia and lymphoma, Marie Curie Nurse Sam visited her regularly. “I think the biggest thing Sam enabled us to do was to face it without feeling afraid,” says Florrie’s daughter, Wendy.

2. Providing a home from home

Our nine hospices offer expert care and support in a friendly and welcoming environment, to both in-patients and day patients. We are the biggest provider of hospice beds outside the NHS – but it’s the personal touches that are most important. Susan Brown’s mother Shirlie was thrilled that her cat could visit her while she was staying in the Marie Curie Hospice, Belfast. Susan says: “The atmosphere was so positive and friendly and it felt like a home not a hospital…A bonus was being able to bring in Buffy – one of Mum’s five cats – to visit. It was so cheerful and lovely.”

3. Offering friendship and support

Sometimes, a cup of tea and a little company can really lift your spirits. Our trained, dedicated Helper volunteers spend up to three hours a week visiting people with a terminal illness, offering companionship, emotional support and practical help with everyday tasks. Helper volunteer Sandra visits Janice, who has multiple sclerosis, every week. “I see Sandra every Thursday and it brightens up my life. It’s like having support from a friend,” says Janice. We want to break the records again this year and help even more people like Florrie, Shirlie and Janice – and their loved ones. Please sign up to collect today.