Getting in the tea party mood with Mel Giedroyc

It’s almost time to get together with a cup of tea and slice of something nice to raise money to help people living with a terminal illness. We caught up with one of our favourite Blooming Great Tea Party aficionados, Mel Giedroyc as she soaked up the sunshine at our launch event.

Mel was making sure all the party guests were topped up on tea

After Mel had finished chatting with a few members of the local Marie Curie fundraising group, we asked her what a Blooming Great Tea Party looks like in the Giedroyc household.

“I remember my tea party last year. Let me set the scene - I’ve got quite a long table at home, with medieval-style benches. It fits about 14 people comfortably, but we had over 20 people all squished up that afternoon.

“We had a classic gang there; friends, neighbours, Mums from school. Those ladies are always good for a gossip, and the chat at that tea party was quite hot, I’ve got to say!

“It was very, very jolly and quite riotous. I thought people would be there for about an hour and then they’d disappear – we were there four hours! It was lovely, we raised a nice amount for Marie Curie and I shall be doing another one this year.”

"Don’t worry if you can’t bake anything!"

This seemed like the perfect time to ask Mel who would be on her dream tea party guest list, and she had quite a few ideas. “Kate Bush would be a must – wouldn’t she be great? She’s got to be a baker, I just know it. She’d definitely be at the head of the table.

“Second guest would be Javier Bardem (naturally – goes without saying), and then if he was still with us, I would have said David Bowie. Bowie’ll be there in spirit, and perhaps instead we could have a Eurovision contestant. How about the original line-up of Bucks Fizz?"

Sampling some strawberry cupcakes with vintage cake creators Bessie the Caravan

Finally, we took the opportunity to ask Mel what her top tip would be for any hosts looking for simple ways to jazz up their tea party. “I would say when it comes to throwing a tea party, don’t worry if you can’t bake anything – it does take time, and washing those dough hooks is a right royal pain!

“Just go to your local supermarket, get a whole load of slightly worse-for-wear bits from the bakery department and distress them in your very own home. It’s easy – use your hands, break bits off, just sort of pummel them.

“After that, just grab your sieve of icing sugar and do a bit of light dusting. And there you have it; one vintage, home-made treat ready for your guests.”

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