JustGiving fundraising hints, tips and ideas

Found yourself at a loose end when it comes to setting up your fundraising page  ? We appreciate that it can be a daunting task, so we’ve compiled a short list of hints and tips to get you started. If you’d like to raise sponsorship offline as well, download your sponsorship form  

Setting up your page

Female triathleteAdd a photo

Those who add a picture tend to raise 33% more. Stumped for ideas? Why not use a fetching photo of you in your training attire?

Set a fundraising target

People who set a target raise a third more, on average, than those who don't. Make sure your first donation is a big one; it will encourage others to match it.

Tell your story

This is your chance to let everyone know why you’re taking on this challenge, what you’re fundraising for and why it’s important to you. It’s your story that will make you stand out.

Add a fundraising summary

Having a short and snappy summary will make it easier for supporters to spread the word on your behalf.

Group of cyclistsHow to promote your page

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ - we want to hear all about it

Regular text and video updates

Going for an early morning run in adverse weather conditions, or a swim in the freezing rain? Why not share your dedication? You’ll be your social network's weatherman in no time! Last year, anyone who added regular updates on how their training was going raised 22% more than those who didn’t.

Share your page and updates

Just made a witty update on your JustGiving page? Share it with your social network, as more awareness = more donations.

Encourage others to share your page

Get your fans and followers to share your fundraising page with their friends. Those who share your page are four times more likely to donate than those who don’t.

Include offline donations

Have you received an abundance of offline donations? Why not include them on your JustGiving page so everyone can see your true total?

Optimising your page

Male triathleteJoin a fundraising team

Are your friends raising money for the same event? Why not fundraise together? Pages that are part of a team raise an average of 14% more.

Join your company’s fundraising team

Why not connect your fundraising page to your company's? You’ll benefit from increased fundraising page awareness and become known for your charitable nature.

Post-race fundraising

You’ve pushed yourself across the finish line - why not give your fundraising one last push and let everyone know of your momentous accomplishment? On average, just 17% of JustGiving donations come in after the event.

We’re always looking for new and exciting fundraising stories, so if you want to tell more people why you’re taking part and what’s keeping you motivated, share with us, Tweet us or find us on Facebook  .

Good luck!

Source: JustGiving

Fundraising ideas

We’ve handpicked the best fundraising ideas, from the tried and tested collection jar, to the illustrious fancy dress party. Whatever jumps out at you, make the most of your fundraising potential.

Group of friends watching a film at Cinema NightFancy dress party

Need an excuse to hold a party? Why not a famous athlete themed one? You could even wear your Marie Curie running vest.

Movie marathon

By selling ticketed events to your home cinema, you’ll soon be giving the local cinema a run for their money. Rocky marathon for an added dose of motivation?

Calendar raffle

You see an unused calendar - we see a raffle in the making. Sell dates to your friends and once all are sold, select a random date. The winner gets a cash prize and the rest goes towards your fundraising.

Man washing a car for his fundraising car washing serviceCollection jar

We couldn’t leave out a classic. Why not leave a jar at your regular local pub or coffee shop, and the staff can fundraise on your behalf?

Quiz night

Feel your hard training means your general knowledge is being neglected? We reckon it’s prime time to gather one and all and show that you have both brains and brawn.

Car wash

Noticed an abundance of dirty cars on your running route? Why not provide your own car washing service - don’t forget, ‘wax on, wax off’.

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