Marie Curie Bridge Tournament



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013 7187 6731

The bridge tournament, in aid of Marie Curie, has been running for over 20 years. Starting in 1994 with just 10 groups, it’s now grown to 246 groups all over the country with 2,340 players! 

The tournament is played across the UK throughout the winter months by groups of around six pairs. Each pair plays the other pairs in their group, choosing either Chicago or Rubber Bridge. You only play one couple at a time, and at your own leisure. The aim is to have lunch/supper/tea, play three rubbers or 20 hands of bridge, and then send in your scores. 

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Registration is now closed for the 2017/18 tournament, but entries can be made for the 2018/19 tournament from November 2017 onwards.

For entry forms or to find out more, contact Philippa Cannon on, call on 01371 876 731 or mail to Philippa Cannon, Langthorns, Little Canfield, Dunmow, Essex, CM6 1TD.

The 2016/17 Bridge Tournament raised a fantastic £53,000. 

2016/17 results

Chicago tournament:

  • 1st Malcolm and Deirdre Cochrane – 11,136
  • 2nd Mike and Lesley Taylor – 10525
  • 3rd Iain and Jenny Nalder – 9716.

Rubber Tournament:

  • 1st Ian and Charmian Tulloch – 13,500
  • 2nd Andy and Barbara Orkney – 11330                                    
  • 3rd Patrick and Jo Walsh – 10480.

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