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Marie Curie will be ‘Casting for a Cause’ in 2018 to raise awareness and funds for our Nursing service. We’re aiming to increase awareness of the Marie Curie Nursing Service in areas where public knowledge is not as widespread. So, if you’re a keen fisherman/woman, own or run a section of river or just want to hold a party to raise some money then you can get involved! 

A spot of healthy competition! 

Ask your gillie to encourage your tenant fishermen/women to compete to catch the most and the heaviest fish during their time on the water.  We suggest a donation of £20 for an entry to compete for a prize of your choice at the end of the competition. The gillie must take details of all entries at the beginning of each hire and keep these safe throughout the competition period. The fisherman/woman who catches the most fish, or the heaviest fish, or both is crowned the ‘Casting for a Cause’ Champion in your area. 

Host a perfect picnic, lovely lunch, or delicious dinner 

Alternatively, (or in addition!) you can have some fun by hosting a social fundraising event, be it a picnic on the bank of your river, a friendly game of pooh-sticks, a raffle, or perhaps a larger lunch or dinner for your friends. You’ll be creating a social event where you can raise funds however you wish, either by selling tickets, running a raffle or asking for donations.  You can come up with your own ideas, be it a fishy art show, a fishy music concert or fishy craft sale - anything goes! 

River Captains 

We’re also looking for ‘River Captains’ to coordinate a section of river, town or even a county’s activities and help us promote Casting for a Cause. If you’re an avid fisher-person in your area, have some time to help and would like to get involved then we’d love to hear from you. 

The Details 

When: You can run your competition or host your picnic whenever it suits you during the 2018 fishing season. 

Where: Any river, loch, pond or puddle can host a Casting for a Cause activity. We’re working across the country, and can offer localised support wherever you are. 

How: Let us know what you’d like to do, and we’ll send you some resources to get started.   

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