Safer triathlon training

Stay safe in the water and on the road with these expert tips.

Ease yourself in

'Make sure you expand your comfort zone gradually, especially if you’re not used to swimming in open water,' says swim coach Sam Williams  . 'Distance, depth and water temperature can all catch you out if you’re not prepared, so don’t just jump in and hope for the best.' 

Observe lane etiquette

'If you’re training in a pool, knowing the rules will help keep you and your fellow swimmers safe,' says Williams. 'Check if the lane is running clockwise or anti-clockwise, be aware of those around you and always stop to let faster swimmers pass at the end of the lane.' 

Keep a safe distance

'Don’t get sucked into closely following a stranger’s back wheel when you’re riding,' says James Spender of Cyclist magazine  . 'Always give yourself enough room to make an emergency stop – don’t rely on the person ahead of you to make the right decision.' 

Ride like you’re a car

'You aren’t obliged to stick closely to the pavement,' says Spender. 'It’s actually much safer to ride in the middle of the lane. And don’t fear getting beeped – at least it means they’ve seen you, and you’d rather get beeped than bumped.' 

Keep the music down

'Listening to tunes is a great way to keep yourself motivated when you’re out running,' says endurance coach Steve Whittle  . 'But it’s important to keep the volume at a safe level where your can still hear plenty of background noise, especially if you’re running in a busy urban area with lots of traffic and potential hazards.' 

Make yourself visible

'It might sound obvious, but wearing reflective clothing if you’re running at night is an absolute must,' says Whittle. 'It’s also a good idea to go against the flow of the traffic, to give cars the best chance of spotting you from further away.'

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