Caring Together

Marie Curie, British Heart Foundation Scotland and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde are working in partnership on a five-year programme for patients with heart failure.

The Caring Together programme, which was officially launched in March 2011, aims to improve the quality and access to palliative care for any patients in the advanced stages of heart failure. Through partnership working, the programme is developing an innovative approach to delivering palliative care for these patients in all care settings – hospital, hospice, care home and home.

The programme covers a population of 1.2 million people across a diverse geographical area of Greater Glasgow and Clyde, from East Dunbartonshire to Inverclyde.

Caring Together supports the Scottish government's action plan for palliative care services, Living and Dying Well, which calls for a more equitable provision of end of life care services for patients with any advanced, progressive or incurable condition across all care settings.

The programme partners recently agreed to extend the programme to June 2015. This will enable the programme to care for more patients and carers, and support the independent evaluation of the programme that will be underway in 2014.

Programme objectives

The Caring Together programme's aims are to develop pioneering models of palliative care for patients in the advanced stages of heart failure in Greater Glasgow and Clyde which:

  • meets the needs of patients and carers
  • complements the optimal management of heart failure (and other diagnosed conditions)
  • promotes equity of access to palliative care for heart failure patients
  • acknowledges the patient's preferences in place of care, including home
  • enables increased choice of place of care for patients
  • improves coordination of care among stakeholders

We will be commissioning a robust, independent evaluation of the programme. This will contribute additional learning to the evidence base regarding the palliative care needs of patients in the advanced stages of heart failure.

We will also consider the opportunities for application of the model elsewhere in Scotland as well as the rest of the UK.

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