Extreme challenges

We've put together a collection of cycles, runs and hikes that are definitely not for the faint-hearted. These are challenges that'll take you to the limit! 


Looking for the toughest marathons in the country? We've got them. With thousands of runners, challenging courses and a throghly professional atmospehere, these are the runs that'll push you further than any others.

Virgin Money London Marathon 2017

Join Team Marie Curie for the most iconic road race in the world, the Virgin Money London Marathon.
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Love the great outdoors but looking for something that'll test your mettle? Here are the most extreme hiking challenges we've got. Train hard and prepare and they could be the rewarding days of your life.

Kilimanjaro Trek 2018

Push your limits, trek through forest and moorland, follow the Rongai Route, all on your way to summit the world's highest free-standing mountain
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