Cycling kit list

  • Cycling helmet
    You won't be able to cycle without one
  • Spare inner tubes (2-3).
  • T-shirts/cycling tops (3-5)
  • Long sleeve top
    To wear cycling in cooler weather
  • Socks (3-4 pairs)
  • Waterproof cycling jacket
  • Sun hat/cap or scarf
    To cover your neck. These need to be able to fit under your helmet
  • Underwear
  • Cycling shoes/trainers
  • Cycling gloves 
    Long and short fingered
  • Padded cycling shorts (2-3)
  • Cycling tights
  • Cycling arm warmers (1 pair, optional)
  • Cycling leg warmers (1 pair, optional)
  • Warm jumper
    For evenings
  • Trainers/shoes
    To change into in the evenings
  • Casual clothes
    For travelling and celebration dinner.
Health and hygiene
  • High factor sun cream and lip salve 
    Min 30 SPF
  • Wet wipes/baby wipes 
    Ideally biodegradable
  • Carrier bags 
    For dirty washing/wet clothes
  • Small personal medical kit
    Antiseptic cream, plasters, lint wound dressing, knee support, crepe bandage, safety pins, pain killers, tweezers, scissors, insect repellent, sting relief, diareze/imodium, Vaseline/sudocrem, lip salve.
  • Washing powder (small packet, optional)
  • Personal toiletries
  • Earplugs
  • Antibacterial hand gel.
  • Small rucksack/bum bag/saddle bag 
    That you can wear while cycling to carry items needed during the day
  • Favourite snacks 
    To keep you going e.g. nuts, cereal/protein bars.
  • Camera/batteries/memory cards
  • Sunglasses 
  • Water bottles and/or Camelpak pack with dust cap
  • Head torch
  • Photocopy of insurance
  • Money belt 
  • Isotonic drink powder or tablets (optional).
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