"Why I'm running for Marie Curie"

This year is a big one for Emma, so to "celebrate" she is taking part in four ridiculous, regrettable sporting challenges to raise money for Marie Curie, including two marathons.

"Dad sadly passed away in April 2010 after a relatively brief but brave fight with cancer. My sister and I spent quite a lot of our time caring for him whilst he was ill, it could be very frightening, draining and daunting. We were young and had very little idea of what was going on, why it was going on or what to do about it.

"Then my Dad went into the Marie Curie hospice in Liverpool. The nurses there not only gave my Dad the support he needed, and gave it with good humour and respect, but they also gave my sister and I some much needed respite. My Dad was comfortable, cared for and listened to, and throughout this difficult and often humiliating time they maintained the utmost dignity for him.

"Their help and support was invaluable"

"They reminded us that it was ok to be upset, angry and confused, and lifted some of the weight from our shoulders. Their help and support was invaluable to us at the hardest time of our lives. Despite this being such a trying, sad time for our whole family, I will always fondly remember the amazing work the staff and volunteers at the Marie Curie hospice, and what they did for us as a family. It was like being able to breathe again after having your head underwater and the sense of relief (albeit short lived) was quite overwhelming.

"I am sure all these events they are all going to be equally dreadful in their own right, but combined, they may well be my ultimate challenge, to celebrate with a bang."

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