Commissioning in England

In England, we provide clinical services on a commissioned basis. This means we can work with NHS commissioners across England, determining which of our services best suit which areas.

Marie Curie services in England

We offer home-based nursing services, patient case co-ordination and, in five locations across England, hospice-based services. We care for patients who are on an EOLC care pathway or CHC Fast Track. Read more about our patient services.

How our services support national health strategy in England

We’re proud that people who are supported by our nursing services are three times less likely to need unplanned hospital care and twice as likely to die at home.

In this way, we are not only meeting local need but also supporting the government’s Ambitions for Palliative and End of Life Care: A national framework for local action  .

How we provide services in England

Marie Curie nursing services span both planned care and rapid response taking budgets into account.

You can commission our services as blocks of nursing with guaranteed availability, set delivery hours or pre-agreed funding allocations.

Alternatively, commissioners can pay for our services based on specific nursing input. With this variable option, we plan resourcing around anticipated need.

Commissioning Marie Curie services

Get in touch

Our regional Marie Curie Business and Service Development Managers are always on hand to talk through options with commissioners, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in discussing how we could support end of life care in your area.

North East

Rachel Ainscough

North West

Charles Thompson

Central and the East

Jacqueline Jacobs



Paul Philips

Please don't hesistate to get in touch if you'd like to discuss the needs of your local area.

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