Bethan's marathon story

Marie Curie supporter, and now marathon runner, Bethan Moore took on the challenge of a lifetime by taking part in the London Marathon in 2014. Over the next few months she’s going to be sharing with you just how the experience was for her; top tips, motivation and just what you can expect on the big day. First up, how she felt when she was where you are now:

Q: How did you feel on signing up to take part in the marathon? 

I wasn’t a runner before I signed up; in fact I couldn’t run for more than three minutes without having to stop. So to be honest I felt quite daunted, but I tried not to think about the full distance at any point. I knew that if I put the work in, then I could do it, so I just had to get my trainers on and go, even if it was just a little bit at a time.

 Q: How did you get started on your training? 

I bought myself a really cheap watch, set it for twenty minutes and went for a run. The next time I upped it to thirty minutes, and on I went from there. I knew in my head that once I could run for four hours I could make it, and so I worked steadily towards that goal.

Podcasts also helped! They absolutely got me through. I listened to hours and hours of Marathon Talk, but you could listen to anything really. 

Q: Did you buy any particular kit for training? 

I had a gait analysis as my feet majorly over-pronate, and there is all sorts wrong with my legs. (An orthopaedic specialist once said to me, ‘well you’ll never run a marathon’… I proved him wrong!) I bought the trainers they recommended and then a few months later bought another pair so that I could alternate. 

As for kit, I’ve got a few running tops, but nothing fancy. I mostly wore my Marie Curie vest as I wanted to get used to running in it. 

I swear by More Mile socks, and have countless of pairs of those. I also have a little running belt. For my really long runs I’d stick a couple of pounds in there and my debit card in case I needed to buy a sports drink or maybe get the bus home if it didn’t quite go to plan! 

And for the ladies: get a couple of good sports bras. This is your most important piece of kit!

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