Injury prevention

At this stage, the last thing you want is to be struck down by an injury. So we’ve got some expert tips to help prevent this as well as a special offer for your personalised coaching package. 

We’ve teamed up with Running Adventures   owner, Matt Buck – marathoner extraordinaire and all-round adventure seeker. He’s given us some of his top tips on how to prevent those dreaded injuries. 

Injury prevention, London Marathon

Matt’s top tips 

There are a few things you can do to help you run better, recover faster and stay injury free. 

  • First things first, listen to your body. If you feel a niggle, ice it. 
  • Make sure your trainers are well fitted. Visit a good running shop and get them to test out your gait analysis. Most injuries occur because people buy off the shelf trainers. 
  • Make sure you stretch before and after your runs. Before your run, do some dynamic stretching to loosen and activate all your leg muscles. Try leg swings, walking lunges and heel kicks. Just as you finish your run, slow your pace, move into a walk and then finish with static stretches. This will help maintain healthy flexibility and range of motion. Kneeling hip flexor and hamstring, standing quad and standing calf stretches are great wind down mechanisms. 
  • Refuel within 30 minutes of finishing your run as this is when your body needs fuel the most and will ensure you get the most out of your training. The easiest way to quickly refuel is with a sports drink. 
  • Ice baths - they may sound horrendous but they do work. Try staying in for up to 10 minutes as soon as you can (I only do this after long runs). Start with less time the first few times you brave it and don’t forget, you can always treat yourself afterwards with a nice warm bath.

Special offer

As a special offer to all our Team Marie Curie runners, Matt is offering a 10% discount on his marathon package, if booked before the end of January. To claim this offer, simply quote that you are a Team Marie Curie runner when booking.

But that’s not all! You'll also get a further £10 donation, per package, towards your fundraising. Read the full details of Matt’s marathon package  .

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