Marathon training and prep questions

Once again we’ve teamed up with Running Adventures  , whose very own Matt Buck will be answering some burning marathon training and preparation questions.

London Marathon crowd of runners

How do you mentally prepare for such a huge endeavour?

Being mentally ready to run any race is half the battle, and this gets more important the longer the distance. You need to WANT to run the race. If you don’t want to be there, the race will be considerably harder. I visualise finishing big races, as it reminds me how amazing that moment will be, making me more determined to get there.

Do you have any tips for getting your breathing into a rhythm, and how to manage a stitch?

You need to be relaxed at all times, settle into a comfortable pace and control your breathing. If you push too hard your breathing will get out of control and you’ll struggle – this should be saved for the sprint to the finish. Sip your drink and eat small amounts as you run. If you do get a stitch, slow down slightly and ensure your breathing is relaxed, then take some big breaths. Wait for the stitch to completely pass before pushing on.

Any other general training tips or guidance for pre-marathon training?

Make sure all your kit is ready, know where you’re going, how long it’ll take you etc. Being organised is key to a stress-free race. If you’ve never run amongst others, enter a 10k or half – it’s good experience. Speak to experienced runners about any concerns or worries. Relax and enjoy every minute.

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