Beginners’ training plan

The 25-week beginners’ training plan is ideal for all novice cyclists, riders who want to get back to fitness after some time off the bike or those who have never previously followed a structured training plan. If you’re targeting a 60-mile (100 km) sportive in the spring, a charity ride or just want to improve your cycling fitness, this is the perfect plan to achieve those goals.

How much training is involved?

The training weeks are typically broken down in three rides, one midweek and two at the weekend. There is also an optional bonus session that gives you the opportunity to do some cross training. The volume of training is between three and seven hours 30 mins per week and days can easily be swapped about to fit the plan around your life.

Take a look at an overview of weeks 1-12   and an overview of weeks 13-25  

Is it all cycling?

No, some cross training workouts  , although optional, should become part of your training. Don’t worry if you can’t manage dedicated sessions, even doing regular flexibility work   or using a foam roller daily   at home will benefit your riding. Cross training helps to prevent boredom, provides options if you’re unable to ride and builds all-round injury preventing robustness.

What equipment do I need?

Most importantly, you’ll need a reliable and roadworthy bike. If it’s a mountain bike or hybrid, you should consider fitting slick tyres to make riding on the road more efficient. However, for following the training plan, buying a road bike   would be best. Don’t forget to include accessories, such as a helmet  , shoes  and the essential spares and tools   you should carry when riding, in your budget. If you’ve already got a bike but it has been sat unloved in the shed for a while, book it into your local bike shop for a check over and service.

You’ll be riding through the winter but, with modern kit and clothing  , you can stay warm, dry and comfortable. There are also a number of steps you can take to winter-proof your bike  .

The midweek sessions give you the option to use an indoor trainer. This isn’t just to keep you sheltered from the British winter but it provides a highly effective, controllable and time efficient way to train. Don’t forget if you’re a member of a gym or health club already, you could use a spinning or exercise bike. Here is some advice on buying an indoor trainer.

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