Intermediate and advanced training plans

The 12-week British Cycling Foundation Plan is ideal for intermediate and advanced riders who are looking to build base fitness. Whether your goals for next season are sportives, road races or time trials, this structured plan will help you to lay down the essential foundations for success in the spring.

You should already be capable of comfortably completing a 100 km (60 mile) ride and regularly logging five to six hours of riding time per week. If you're not currently at this level, you should start by following the beginner plan.

How much training is involved?

The training weeks are typically broken down into three rides, one mid-week and two at the weekend, two cross training sessions and two rest days. Days can be swapped to fit the plan around your life. Training hours start at around seven hours per week and peak at 11 hours per week.

Take a look at an overview of the 12 weeks  .

The training plan

Weeks 1 - 4  

Weeks 5 - 8  

Weeks 9-12   

Is it all cycling?

No, cross training workouts   are an essential part of the plan. These sessions help to prevent boredom, provide options if you’re unable to ride and build all-round injury preventing robustness.

What equipment do I need?

As an intermediate/advanced rider you should already have a suitable bike and most of the equipment and clothing for riding through the winter.

To follow the plan, if you don’t already possess them, you will need a bike computer that displays cadence and a heart rate monitor   and/or a power meter  . Some form of indoor trainer   would also be useful and, if you want to include some off-road riding   in your training, a mountain or cyclo-cross bike.

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